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In 1999, we started Streetplay… and the discussion area quickly became its most popular feature.  While we’re carrying on our tradition of discussion 21st-century style on our Facebook Streetplay Discussion Group, we really didn’t want to lose all the years of reader-submitted stories and questions when we closed the discussions on Streetplay.com.  That’s why we’ve gathered together every non-spam message we could (our site was getting hacked left-and-right!), and gathered it all here in a new, WordPress-powered archive.

Nearly every message that was on our original discussion board can be found here.  Each message is created as a blog post, and when possible, the original author is credited.  Also, with the power of the WordPress platform, we’ve been able to group the messages by their original categories (see the menu system at the top of the page), and also add new tags to the nearly 4000 posts we’ve retrieved… take a look at the list of tags on the right-hand side, or just look for them at the bottom of any post.  Of course, you can also search for any specific words you want using the search function at the top of any page.

To get you started, we’ve inserted the first bit of the message list below, beginning with the most recent.  If any message strikes your fancy, try clicking its title, or use the categories and tags to dive deep into a topic you like.

Have fun with this!  We hope you enjoy exploring this unearthed corner of Streetplay as much as we do!